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With the modernization of public management approach, organizational and management diagnoses are elaborated, organic restructurings, process optimization, elaboration and updating of the management instruments.

a. Organic restructurings and process optimization

Organic restructuring is carried out in the light of the knowledge of international good practices and the needs of each organization. Restructuring processes require a thorough review of the business objectives, the size and shape of the different units of the organization, and the quantity and the appropriate profile of the personnel in the different areas, as well as the degree of Professional, technical, or administrative qualification they require.

Likewise, processes of optimization of processes are elaborated from diverse approaches of reingeniería that aim at that the organizations reach better results.

This takes place in four fundamental stages: the analysis of activities, the evaluation of processes in the value chain, the adaptation of organizational structures and the analysis of the legal framework of the organization.

b. Development and updating of management tools

Various management tools are developed to improve the work of public, private and civil society organizations. Management tools are based on the mapping of current processes, the identification of opportunities for improvement, the definition of the main processes and the detailed functions. The result is the Functional Operational Manuals (MOF) and Organizational and Functional Regulations (ROF).