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In APUEN we have been operating in the European Union for 15 years.

An organization with the intention of being active in its field of activity can not ignore the European element and the opportunity to know how, when, in what way and with whom it must relate or act in these instances, framing all this in a strategy of Performance over time. The detection, preparation and processing of quality proposals for the realization of European projects and the achievement of adequate budget allocations for the execution of projects that show a clear added value is one of the fundamental objectives of action in the community sphere and the activity And APUEN services.


Technical area. From APUEN we support and carry out any type of technical action necessary for the work in the European environment: European projects, search of partners, writing of forms, etc.

Communication and lobby area. To ensure the impact of the actions developed in the European environment APUEN develops specific communication activities tailored to our clients (town councils, councils, intermediary bodies, companies, etc.). Also, to act in the European environment requires a certain presence before the community institutions or responsible for the programs of interest.

Area of ​​studies and reports. APUEN develops periodic studies and reports on the various lines of work of the European Union, either at the request of its clients or on its own initiative. These studies and reports are eminently technical.