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Given the changes in the economic environment of our day, where we are finally struggling to recover the growth base at a global level, finance executives face very different challenges than they had to confront just a couple of years ago.

Currently, the CFO, in addition to safeguarding the organization’s fiduciary well-being, supports the CEO with a greater advisory capacity, participating directly in strategic planning and taking greater control of procurement obligations.

  • Economic-financial analysis
  • Start ups-Pimes business plan
  • Business Valuation
  • Financial / tax management of R & D
  • Search for public and private funding
  • Consulting in Private Equity, VC’s BA’s
  • M & A
  • Licensing In & Out
  • Growth Strategies
  • Study, implementation and monitoring of organizational changes
  • Participation in Boards of Directors and Advisory Councils.
  • Interim Financial Management in key positions

New business

Creating a company and making it grow is an exciting challenge. We help you find the right tools for each phase.

Company Formation

Constitution of the company with the most appropriate legal form in each case.

Business plan

Preparation of a business plan consistent with the objectives established in the medium and long term.


Legal, tax, financial and labor advice in the implementation and throughout the project.

Bank management

Study of the economic-financial viability of the project.

Putting in relation with financial institutions, at preferential rates.