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Una extraordinaria asociación con la que tenemos el placer de trabajar para el desarrollo individual y social de Entre Ríos (Argentina)



The course describes how modern societies organize the allocation of resources, using the unconscious cooperation mechanism represented by the market or the conscious cooperation represented by the business organization, introducing the essential role of the accounting information system in successful decision-making. of the workers and managers of the company; It is an advanced course for all those who wish to be specialists in management and become active professionals in charge of generating, measuring, analyzing, interpreting and communicating the information that management needs for continuous decision-making.

It also exposes the company’s value creation process from the strategic perspective that seeks to maintain sustained competitive advantages, analyzing the importance of using cost models and financial measures that make up the dashboards that cost accounting systems, elements and systems lead organizations to success; constitutes an introductory course in cost accounting for all students of business, companies, engineering or any activity that compromises economic resources and wants to know what is the cost and alternative results of their processes and activities.

With a current vision, the course develops the digital economy and digital transformation processes, the concept of the information system in the company and its components in operational, commercial and corporate processes and decision-making in a global environment of connectivity, as well as advanced data analysis, and competitive improvement.

Module 1. Introduction to the Economy: Scarcity and efficient use of available resources.

Module 2. Methods of national and international economic organization.

Module 3. Income, public spending, economic, monetary, fiscal and budgetary policies, and growth and innovation policies.

Module 4. The Company and its Constitution.

Module 5. Macroeconomics. Study of Economic Growth and Cycles.

Module 6. Unemployment, Inflation and Economic Policy.

Module 7. Purchasing and Buying Process. Inventories and Valuation of Inventories.

Module 8. Financial Statements and Auditing of Accounts.

Module 9. Direction and control in the company.

Module 10. The Government of the company. Control and decision making.

Module 11. Power, prosperity and poverty. Money and fluctuations, stimuli and incentives.

Module 12. Basic concepts of mathematics in economics.

Module 13. Statistics, econometric models and data mining.

Module 14. Innovation Management.

Module15. Models of economic and business success and failure.

Module16. Business and economic bioethics.

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