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Implementation and Integration Services for Traditional and Innovation Technologies

Turn data into information and information into knowledge, take advantage of that knowledge to gain market advantage and stability.

APUEN implements Business Intelligence solutions through a set of techniques and tools for transforming data into meaningful and useful information. Identify new opportunities and implement an effective strategy, to achieve in our clients a competitive advantage.

APUEN has a process of analysis and auditing that allows analyzing the degree of maturity of the Business Intelligence solutions present in our clients.
APUEN designs and implements solutions for the implementation of corporate Business Intelligence platforms. Designing a roadmap that allows our clients to start up, improve or optimize Business Intelligence solutions.
APUEN has a methodology that allows the implementation of Business Intelligence centers of excellence in a Near-Shore environment for our clients, centers able to be able to execute any project externally, guaranteeing a maximum quality.
APUEN designs solutions aimed at integrating high volumes of both structured and unstructured information through the use of leading technologies such as HADOOP, SPARK.