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Our professional services include the realization of different types of audits:

Audit of annual accounts or other financial statements. It consists of verifying that the financial statements of the entity (company, cooperative, foundation, etc.) express a true and fair view of the financial, economic and financial situation in accordance with current regulations.

Audit by legal requirement. The legal requirements for auditing in certain circumstances (capital increases and decreases, issuance of convertible debentures, stock valuation, mergers and splits) represent a necessary requirement for the development of these operations. Our professionalism and adaptability to the client allow us to perform these services with total security and guarantee, covering the requirements of our clients in time and form.

Internal audits, monitoring or continuous monitoring. The purpose of these audits is to verify that the internal control systems established by the company are met, thus reducing the risk of errors and significant irregularities. These types of services represent a continuous improvement for the management of our clients.

Management or special review audits. They seek to measure the effectiveness or efficiency of the administrative, accounting and / or financial departments of our clients. We carry out specific reviews at the request of the management on customers, suppliers, treasury, warehouses, physical inventories, etc.

Due diligence. We perform complete or specific audits of financial statements for the purchase or sale of companies.

Audit of the Public Sector (Local entities, public companies, State and Autonomous Administration).

Audit of Grants (for Foundations, Public Universities, Cámara de Comercio, Public Entities and private companies).