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We offer derivative value by analyzing the information and data contained in our clients’ systems.

We have services of predictive analytics (Big Data), data governance, automatic collection, storage and statistical analysis of large volumes of information in times close to the real.

Our Big Data team is able to store, govern, process and correlate simultaneously information from different systems regardless of database technology or its source. We can analyze data from transactional systems such as payrolls, ERPs, among others; As well as unstructured information such as social networks and spreadsheets. This correlation allows us to detect and obtain trends, behavior patterns and very valuable connections for our customers’ business.

We also have the capacity to generate statistical and mathematical models, to produce reports that are 30 to 100 times faster than traditional ones and that allow us to make decisions that are not only timely and accurate but also anticipated, thus improving understanding, profitability and Business growth.

Our comprehensive Big Data solutions add value and include an intelligent and predictive component to today’s enterprise information systems.


  • Predictive analytics.

  • Correlation and visualization of different sources of information.

  • Extraction, collection and automatic integration of different data sources.

  • Cleaning, deduplication and data governance.

  • Generation of data repositories.

  • Generation of information boards and reports for decision making.