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  • Personal development in Buenos Aires.

  • Introduction of statistics Spanish company in businesses and public organisms in Mexico City, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

  • Expansion to the Spanish market of US company, world leader of communication of cloud computing.

  • Personal Coaching, which one should be my career?

  • Development of models of technological innovation of multinationals of the telecommunications sector in Madrid.

  • Design, development and expansion of a fully integrated image company in Madrid.
  • Electronic repair laboratory based in Madrid that expands to all Spain, Portugal and Tunisia.
  • Courier business based in Madrid.
  • Publication distribution business based in Madrid.
  • Statistics, GDP, surveys for Government Agencies and businesses.
  • Expansion of business school and agreement with a Public University in Madrid to teach an MBA.
  • Technology businesses based in Boston expanding to Spain.
  • Human Resources: Hiring, Consultancy, Training for businesses of different sectors.
  • Etc.