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With an experience of 16 years, APUEN is formed by professionals with a vast professional experience and academic knowledge in their respective specialties.

They have demonstrated a great ability to respond to the needs of customers, and tested their excellence so that organizations and individuals can differentiate themselves from their competitors and win in global competition.

This global vision of APUEN responds to the three major challenges today, technological disruption, globalization, and the continuing changes in internal and external organizations that greatly affect individual behavior.

Our method emphasizes rigor and discipline, followed by a research pattern that guarantees reliability in the analysis and in the implementation of the results.

The Association of University and Business Professors (A.P.U.E.N.) is made by professionals that have an education and Resume that present a superior ability in the solution of organizational problems and practical issues in all kinds of situations. They offer experience in teaching in prestigious universities and Business Schools, and positions of responsibility in areas of businesses.

APUEN helps their professionals to be up to date in the state of the art of education, technology and business, and that private and public educational institutions that check for the quality of education, such as ANECA, the AAHEA, the AASU, the CHEA, the AACSB, and the businesses and their representatives such as the Cámara de Comercio, the CEOE, the AEC, the AMA, the AAA, the SBA, the NAM, etc., collaborate in these endeavors, facilitate and benefit from the knowledge and experience of our members.